Our Freight Forwarding division handles import, export and cross-trade of FCL, LCL and consolidated goods made possible through our successful partnerships with shipping lines, air lines and our global partners. Our expertise include:

Understanding the high priority surrounding air cargo, DSS gives airfreight the utmost precedence and attention. With our committed airfreight team, we can offer comprehensive packages designed to your specific requirements, making certain that your cargo is transported in the quickest and most cost effective routes.

Utilizing our global network of offices and agents, we can offer detailed and adaptable ocean freight services that will allow you to connect and conduct business with your supplier in the most efficient and expeditious manner.

Keeping in mind the varied requirements and regulations that follow the shipping of certain goods, we offer temperature controlled transport options, customized to the cargo’s needs, to make sure your delicate cargo arrives unchanged, safe and secure.

DSS' experienced custom officers offer services encasing the complete customs clearance process, ranging from documentation generation to assistance in customs duty payments or custom exempt cargo. Our knowledge of legal regulations and expertise in customs documentation and licensing requirements, guarantee a hassle-free experience.

Comprehending the specific requirements of certain cargo and their endpoints, DSS offers premium Sea-Air services to be able to reach the most remote of destinations through the most economical and resourceful routings. Combining two of our most effective services, we can provide a custom route to incorporate your exact shipping needs in our service.

DSS provides utmost importance to safety and security procedures, handling every shipment with care. However, the risks that the cargo is exposed to are still important to consider, especially when they are beyond the control of all parties involved. For this reason, DSS has designed a selection of cargo insurance packages, with varied levels of coverage catering to specific and detailed needs of our clients.

With a fleet of trucks and trailers at your ready disposal, DSS has the assets and expertise to provide proficient, customized road freight solutions. With exceptionally maintained equipment and well-trained drivers, we are able to offer an array of services, Intra UAE & Intra GCC.

A simple, secure and reliable means to truck small quantities of cargo to their destination. This service is apt for packaged and unpackaged solid and liquid palletized goods.

With our inventory of trucks combined with our organization expertise, we can guarantee flexible and time definite deliveries for both LTL and FTL options.

DSS has at its disposal an array of trailers equipped to transport containers of any size, safely and securely. Our drivers are qualified and fully vetted, trained to handle the complexity of container trucking.

With proficiency and expertise about Cross-border documentation and inter border formalities and regulations, DSS can guarantee it's clients a smooth, hassle-free experience when transporting their cargo from one country to another.

Taking industry specifics into consideration and combining them with the innovative strategies of our supply chain management team, we have constructed warehouses covering over 12,000 square meters, located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, South. Fitted with movable ramps and provisions for dry and ambient storage, we can offer customized solutions for all your contract and integrated logistics requirements. We enforce on our warehouses a series of constant inspections to ensure quality control backed with a strong warehouse management system, enables ease of access and redistribution. Our services include:

State of the art facilities and dedicated staff allows DSS to streamline the consolidation and de-consolidation of cargo, thus providing an economic means to transport cargo while ensuring there is no delay.

With over 12,000 square meters of warehouse space, DSS can cater to short-term and long-term storage agreements, providing consignment specific environments to safely store your cargo.

With a team specializing in creative supply chain solutions that both saves time and promotes efficiency, DSS offers pick and pack services professionally combining your cargo and preparing them for distribution based on your custom configurations.

Our packaging services are tailor made to customer standards and take into account the specific regulations that the cargo legally requires. Our services also include re-packaging and re-labeling products for export, re-export or distribution.

With a detail-oriented strategy, DSS offers adaptable solutions for the timely delivery and distribution of your orders. With well-trained staff and superior labor management tools, DSS proficiently coordinates order management and deliveries for retail and commercial channels while maintaining and preserving your inventory.

DSS' operation strategies and advanced planning techniques enable the management of multiple customer orders from varied locations, consolidating them and allowing for a centralized point to merge deliveries. This supply chain optimization tool is both cost effective and time saving.

DSS also provides services for the reverse flows of surplus or damaged products, providing screening and testing before re-use or repair. Including the concept of consolidated transportation with reverse center processes, allows DSS to minimize cost and maximize your revenue.

Using our most up to date inventory management technology, we ensure that stock is maintained at an optimum level and this facilitates our client’s cash-to-cash cycles. With services such as kitting, sequencing and scrupulous quality control, we ensure seamless management and maximum productivity.

Project Logistics Requires specialized experience, commitment and flexibility to plan and execute complex projects. Direct Shipping’s global network and solid track record provide the skills and strength that guarantees safe, on time and in budget projects in the UAE and worldwide, in collaboration with our global partners.

As well as our core project logistics services we also specialize in a number of verticals, which can be operated independently or as part of a large scale project.

DSS project cargo services, include; Heavy lift, oversize, multimodal, site and cargo survey, crating, packing, break bulk, sea and air chartering.

For the execution of these services 'out of the box' thinking is required in order to create and implement effective solutions. We use our global network of dedicated project cargo specialists for the execution of these services from power generation plants, petrochemical and oil refineries and steel mill construction projects to the one - off heavy lift shipment. A brief example of areas covered are:

  • Oil, gas and energy cargo
  • Laboratory/life science relocations, delivery, installation and assembly
  • Office and commercial relocations
  • Government, military, NGO and United Nations shipments
  • Most types, size and quantities of project based cargo

Our project team will be available at all times throughout the process and will even travel to port to ensure the cargo is properly secured and safely stowed on board.

Hotel and Hospitality Logistics can be broken up into 3 service logistics areas; (1) Pre-opening Procurement(2) Pre-opening logistics and (3) Post opening. DSS will work with you from sourcing to installation and after opening as an integral part of your; development and operating teams, working closely with suppliers and interior designers. Our Director Projects and Supply Chain, along with the team have experience on many different hotel projects, which is used to provide an outstanding first class service for OS&E and FF&E. As a value added service we can offer asset management tagging (please contact DS for more information).

DSS work with an array of suppliers to the event and exhibition industry, from on-site handlers, fit out teams to furniture and equipment suppliers. All exhibition, events, conferences and shows have differing requirements; this is where we come in. With our extensive knowledge of freight forwarding, we can manage all your imports (temporary or permanent) and exports, store your cargo, deliver to site, on-site handling (before, during and after the event), assist with stand assembly/dismantling and final de-mobilisation.

We will communicate directly with all stakeholders involved in the event so as to reduce the risk of conflict and delays.

DSS provide as an addition to our freight forwarding and logistics services, fine art logistics and handling. Where we work with you on the import/export customs procedures, ensuring correct handling and documentation is used to speed up and deliver safely to the destination. In collaboration with a highly respected art specialist we provide professional on site (commercial or residential) handling, hanging and exhibiting “white glove” services.

DSS have a management team, highly experienced in small to very large scale residential, industrial and commercial relocations. We will visit your location, meet with you, discuss the requirements, and carry out a site survey to ascertain the requirements. Then we will provide you with a concise plan and schedule on how we will execute the service required. Our services include, dismantling, packing, moving, storage, delivery, and assembly. Although predominantly in the UAE, we can also work on overseas projects with our partner companies and service providers.

Often project Logistics require non-containerized transportation. In these cases, DSS can grant you space on break bulk vessels or negotiate charter rates directly with ship owners for higher volumes. Consequently customers can be guaranteed best prices, fastest transits and swift and professional customer service.

Safety is the utmost importance during the transport of oversize equipment. Unfortunately, not all factory packaging can be deemed sea-worthy or safe. DSS has a team of in-house and sub-contracted workmen who can build custom made crating and packaging to assure 100% safety to over-sized cargo.


DSS' business activities focus on certain key industries, providing a range of services that cater to the growing freight forwarding and logistics requirements of each individual sector. Working in partnership with a wide variety of customers across these industries, we have come to understand the global market and can offer flexible and innovative solutions across the board.


The chemical industry is fast growing, with freight & distribution requirements needing to meet high safety standard while being inexpensive. In addition, excellent knowledge of the industry is also required for the transport and storage of chemical goods.DSS takes into account the sensitive nature of the goods in this industry while developing its tailor-made strategies for secure and efficient transportation.

Oil & Gas

With ever evolving demands by Oil & Gas buyers and consumers, transport and logistics activity within the industry has also greatly progressed. In an industry that is time critical, the key factor is to be able to provide a constant supply of goods to even the most remote parts of the world. DSS’s resources and expertise help it to adapt to the dynamics of each client in this industry, ensuring the swift transport of their goods keeping in mind the importance of safety and regulations.


The retail industry is one that is constantly changing and increasingly competitive. This has resulted in remarkable variations in seasonal demands and consumption of retail goods. Keeping this evolving market in mind, DSS can rise to meet any new challenges with speed, flexibility and proficiency. Our logistics team anticipates and prepares for unexpected changes in inventory and supply chain fluctuations, allowing for optimized inventories and shortened time to market. Our freight forwarding team utilizes the global network of agents and offices at our disposal to facilitate the transport of time-sensitive cargo that is common to the retail industry. Together we understand the dynamic requirements of this industry and have the resources and expertise to provide our retail clients with comprehensive and seamless end-to-end supply chain and transport solutions


As a globally extending industry, the industrial sector covering manufacturing and engineering is a critical part of our business. DSS’ portfolio includes logistics services for heavy machinery, industrial equipment, Air-conditioning chillers, construction cranes, machine tools, spare parts and many more.We have an in-depth understanding of the specialized requirements of this industry and constantly work along side our customers to create efficient and economical means of transportation and supply chain solutions.


Given the large volumes of raw materials and construction material being transported across the globe, this industry requires stable and committed logistics solutions; this is where DSS comes in. We understand the importance of deadlines and targets in this industry and utilize our market know-how and resources to ensure the most secure and proficient transportation of this material.


As an industry that extends its fingers to every corner of the world, manufacturing is frequently displaced to enable cost cutting. Keeping this in mind, DSS’ freight forwarding and logistics team aim to offer economic and resourceful solutions to accommodate the results of the ever-changing prices. With quality of service and consistency in mind, we strive towards developing personalized solutions for our clients in terms of supply chain management and the efficient warehousing strategies.

General Cargo

Apart from specializing in certain industries, DSS also caters to wide range of other general cargo. Whether it is toys from Hong Kong, mangoes from India or masterbach from UAE, our sales and customer service team will assist in shipping your cargo from anywhere in the world. DSS believes in expanding its portfolio of clients and industries and growing its business along with their customers.

Global Reach

About US

Direct Shipping Services is a multi-national Freight Forwarding and Logistics company, founded in 1997, by CEO and Chairman Mr. Ven Govinda. Headquartered in Jebel Ali, UAE, DSS has branch offices in Asia and Europe and a strong network of agents spread across the globe. We offer key solutions for the global transport of goods via sea, air and land, including options for warehousing, logistics, distribution and supply chain management.

DSS works in partnership with its clientele, promoting flexible, innovative and quality solutions for all their shipping and logistics needs. Striving to identify the dynamic needs of our clients, we align our core business principles with the evolving trends of the industry, setting customer satisfaction above all else.

DSS' forte include a comprehensive expertise of industry standards and regulations, a commitment to economic and efficient solutions and a steadfast focus on quality customer service. These strengths combined with a wide array of assets and services have made DSS a market leader in the Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry.

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Our Values



Transparency and Integrity in all manners of business is one of the pillars we base our entire company on. Our word is our contract.



We pride ourselves on designing creative and strategic solutions that are efficient, economic, customized to the unique needs of every customer.



We are committed to our employees and the hard work they do, we are committed to deliver results for our clients and most of all we are committed to providing them the best service that we can.

OUR MISSION : We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior and innovative freight forwarding solutions with exceptional customer service. With experience and knowledge of industry, we focus on delivering tailored logistics and operational solutions of quality and excellence.
OUR VISION : We intend on combining our vast international resources with our abundant local assets to be an inimitable part of the world-wide freight forwarding industry.


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